Kruize Kontrol

Kruize Kontrol is a German-Canadian freestyle group.

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Kruize Kontrol is a German-Canadian freestyle group and its two members have been friends since 2004 and have always wanted to work on music together. Both of them had busy schedules which kept them for moving on with their desire to create freestyle music.

Over the years they kept in contact and still have the fire in their hearts to pursue their freestyle group. Their first major release is Kruize Kontrol Volume One which was due out on April 22nd 2008. It features various mixes of "Latin Girl" and "Mi Amor" plus a few extra bonus tracks such as Freestylin' (The Kruize Kontrol Anthem), Forever (Dance With Me) and La Despedida (Sayin' Goodbye).

Their most famous tracks are Mi Amor and Latin Girl as well as the freestyle anthem Freestylin. Freestylin Part II was released in 2010. Also in 2010 the official video of Mi Amor was published as well as a Freestyle Megamix.

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  • Freestyle Megamix 2007 (2007)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Freestylin´ (2008)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Latin Girl (2008)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Mi Amor (2008)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Forever (2008)
  • Kruize Kontrol - La Despedida (2008)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Volume One Album(2008)
  • Freestyle Megamix 2010 (2010)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Freestylin´ Part II (2010)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Freakin´ (2010)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Memories (2011)

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  • Kruize Kontrol - Mi Amor (Official Video) (2010)
  • Kruize Kontrol - Freakin´ (Official Video) (2011)

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