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Sharine O'Neill new song "White Roses" was presented the first time at the Charity Gala Night were the CD "S.O.S. - SAVE OUR SOULS" was presented to the public.

"White Roses" is as single now available on Itunes and Amazon.

For more Information upon the project please visist or

Sharine O'Neill`s neuer Song. "White Roses" wurde mit Ihren Freunden am Benefiz Gala Abend "S.O.S. Save our Souls" zum ersten Mal presentiert.

"White Roses" gibt es aber auch ab sofort über Itunes und Amazon als Single download.

Mehr Informationen sind unter oder erhältlich.

White roses

On wings of death you fly High above the world we see Asking yourself just why Visions of heaven you see Still you lie here fighting For your life, for ev´ry day to be In your mind a flash and lightning Between reality and fantasy

My Love - please let yourself just go Lean back and let your feelings flow

´Cos you´re on a bed of white roses And angels carry you in hands You´re taking the same way as moses And angels lead you into holy lands

You´ll see you´ll do then better Stay calm thers nothing about to fear Don´t care about the weather It´s yourself you got to love my dear

You lie on a bed of white roses ..

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    Sharine O’Neill  (* 4. November 1966 in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg). Sie ist eine österreichische…


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